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Livadia is the capital of the prefecture Voiotias and the province of Libadias, and seat of the municipality of Levadia.

It is situated in 200 m altitude, at the west side of the province, at the edge of the plain of Kopaida, 130km northeast of Athens and approximately 30km from the nearest coast of the province( Distomo beach or Aspra spitia).

North of the city is situated Parnassoss and south is Elikonas at the foot of which is build the old city of Livadia. It is crossed by the small river Erkyna.

According to the tradition. the town was called Midia at the old times and it was build at a hill. Later it was renamed at Livadia from Levado from Athens who transported the citizens to the plain.

During historic times, Livadia was famous for the ancient oracle of Trophonius, which were visited and consulted by Croesus, Mardonios, Emilios Pavlos etc.

In 395 BC ravaged by Lysander, and 86 BC by Mithridates, but experienced great prosperity during the second AD century.

The ancient city was built on the right bank of Erkyna and ruins came to light after excavations. The majority (bath, market, road, record) and a large number of inscriptions dating from the 4th as the 3rd AD century.

But the most important archaeological site is Trophonius portant sanctuary, which is found and excavated on the left bank of Herceena, the Mount Ai-Lia.

The sacred grove, which is described in greater details by Pausanias, was operated by the abolition of pagan rituals by Theodosius A. Inside the park, apart from the holy Trophonius, there were areas or buildings dedicated to the cult of Agatheis Tihis, Agathou Demonos, Artemis, Hermes, Dionysus and the goddess of childbirth.

There was also the grave of Arkesilaos, sacred of Apollo and Dimitra, as the temple of Zeus the King, in honor of which took place during the month of Panamo the Realms, celebration, events and processions established in 371 BC to commemorate the victory of Vioton in Lectra.

Today Livadia presents significant growth and a valuable tourist attraction and attraction for air sports from all over Attica since provides an air sports field in Kopaida & a pilot training school.