Levadia Hotel


  • The picturesque location Kria with beautiful trees and water.
  • The stone theater in Kria.
  • The ancient sources of Lethe and Mnemosyne, the river Erkyna from which is watered the city today.
  • The ruins of the oracle of Trophonius and the Byzantine castle which was extended by the Franks and the Catalans.
  • The church of Prophet Elias, built near the ruins of the Temple of Zeus, King of gods.
  • The church of Jerusalem in the Holy Cave of Zoodohou pigis, near the church of St. Mena.
  • Monastery Lykouresis, the roof (was made of lead) used during the Ottoman period for the manufacture of cartridges.
  • Pera village with breathtaking views (the residents of Livadia call it a small Paris for its beauty).